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Your files should be backed up regularly,
but in case of data loss or accidental erasure,
CompuPane can help you recover your data

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Data loss can be a frightening prospect, but the first thing you should know is that irrecoverable loss of data is very rare, even in the worst circumstances. Never assume data is unrecoverable – first, contact CompuPane immediately! Turn to the specialists who have the tools, expertise, and resources to recover virtually any data. The data on your hard drive can be jeopardized in several ways, but the important thing is to call us immediately if you are concerned that you may have the potential for loss. And, if we can't recover your data, there's no charge!

Sometimes recovery can be as simple as running a specialized software utility. But even if your computer won't boot up, there's a very good chance that the data on your hard drive can be recovered. We have access to state-of-the-art clean room services that only a limited number of firms offer. The cost of these services depends on the specific problem on your hard drive and the amount of data involved, and some recovery procedures take longer than others. But in any case, you'll rest assured, knowing what the cost will be before the process begins.

Before Problems Begin, Let CompuPane Create Your Backup System

Before you ever run into issues with trying to recover lost data, you really need to invest in a backup system. Sometimes, backing up to CD or DVD is sufficient. Other times, you might consider an external drive to serve as a backup system for everyone in your house or office. Or, you may need the extra security and assurance provided by an online backup system. For your peace of mind, let the experts at CompuPane advise you on the right backup solution for your needs and your budget.


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