"A Life With Purpose – The Power of God Displayed Through the Struggles of My Life"

By Kevin Berg, founder and proprietor of CompuPane


Kevin's story
"A Life With Purpose"


Imagine living life unable to walk, feed yourself, communicate clearly, or even dress yourself. How would you react? Would you blame God and be angry with Him? Could you ever consider thanking Him for such a condition? Kevin Berg, born with Cerebral Palsy, has every right to ask God questions. Given little hope of a successful life, and forced to rely on the assistance of others for virtually all his physical needs, Kevin could very easily ask God, "Why?" However, Kevin looks at every circumstance, every situation, as an opportunity to be used by God and for God. Blessed with a wonderful family and a passion for encouraging people, Kevin Berg knows the secrets to living a life with purpose! He openly shares his journey through life, the obstacles he has endured, and the AWESOME ways God has worked through those struggles to reveal that Kevin possesses real purpose in his life!

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