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We have, for several years, held to the idea that if we do our job well for our clients, routine maintenance should be minimal.  Like cars, however, use varies from client to client; not to mention that many factors are just beyond our control just like a car mechanic cannot control the driving conditions his/her customer drives in.

So, we are excited to introduce our monthly and quarterly maintenance plans!  We will remotely perform checks of security software (included in plan), Windows updates, system performance & health, and backup systems (if in place).  Real-time system monitoring will also be included as to alert us to many significant issues like extended periods of high CPU usage, so we can be proactive in contacting you in case something needs to be done.  Subscribers will also receive discounts on services needed outside the monthly or quarterly routine maintenance.

A 1-year commitment is required, payable in full before the first maintenance session.  Installment plans of 2-4 payments may be available upon request.  Subscription transfers or pro-rated refunds are not generally available but may be considered on a case-by-case basis.  Prices listed are the annual billing price.  Please contact us at or call us at 253-234-4357.

Maintenance Frequency Annual Price per computer
Monthly $575.00
Quarterly $325.00


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