Computer Software and Operating System Service and Support


Computer software application and
operating system service and support
for your personal computer or office system

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When you're having trouble with your software programs or your operating system, contact CompuPane to diagnose and repair problems and get your computer working right again as quickly as possible.

CompuPane can access your system remotely if you have Internet access, to make the process quick and convenient. We can also come to your location to perform the service. Or, if you prefer, you can bring your computer to our location. When you choose to use CompuPane's expertise, you'll find the services top-notch and the rates very reasonable. Turn to CompuPane for:

  • Repair or upgrade of software programs
  • Repair or upgrade of your Windows operating system
  • Set up, repair, or upgrade of your networks
  • Help with new software installation
  • Help with internet, website, or e-mail issues
  • Support for server software of all kinds
  • Solutions for problems with systems that won't boot up

And remember, if CompuPane can't fix it, there's no charge!


Contact CompuPane now to get your computer working right, and right away.
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